True Expertise

Elite 340B Solutions was founded and is managed by Dr. LeeAnn Scheer.  She holds dual bachelor degrees in Biogenetics and Human Nutrition.  She then accomplished her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2008. She recently finished her MBA in Healthcare Adminstration.  She has been an expert in the 340B realm on both the entity and contract pharmacies sides for over a decade. She holds the distinguished 340B Apexus Certified Expert designation approved by HRSA.  She manages every account herself and takes pride in creating a successful 340B program for you. 

Focus on Program Compliance

As a government based program, compliance is of the utmost importance.  Dr. Scheer's first priority is to always make sure your program operates within the scope of HRSA regulations.  In 2017, 64% of the entities audited were found to not be in compliance.  Penalties for this varied, up to and including removal from the program and fines that reached into the millions.  Our company understands all compliance standards and how to implement safeguards, while still maximizing the impact on your financial savings.